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Miss Maryam Pezeshki MD MRCOG

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

How do I make an appointment for consultation?

Often patients with private medical insurance ask their GP to make a referral letter. However self-pay patients can make an appointment if it is not possible to have a referral by their GP.

Before operation

All patients who are booked for surgical procedures will have a pre-op assessment to ensure that they are medically fit for surgery. 

After Surgery

Minor surgical procedures such as incontinence, endometrial ablation and ovarian cystectomy surgeries are usually performed as day case procedures and patients can be discharged to go home on the same day. However occasionally patients may need to stay overnight for example if they have pain. A follow up visits is organized for all patients approximately 8 weeks after their surgery to see Miss Pezeshki.

For major procedures such as hysterectomy and prolapse repair surgeries patients often need to stay in hospital between 2 to 3 nights. Miss Pezeshki will visit all her patients the day after the surgery. Most post-operative care such as removal of catheter and wound care are performed before discharge and detailed care information will be provided to all patients before they are discharged. All patients will have follow up visits with Miss Pezeshki approximately 8 weeks after their surgery.

General Post-op advice:

  • Patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting, swimming, insertion of tampon or sexual intercourse for a period of approximately 6 to 8 weeks after their surgery.

  • Occasionally some patients may experience slight changes in their bladder and bowel function such as slight bladder irritation or constipation after vaginal surgery. These symptoms usually settle gradually. Some patients may need to take laxatives for a short period after their surgery.

  • Return to work for light desk jobs are 6 to 8 weeks and for heavier jobs up to 12 weeks after surgical procedure.

  • For driving we advise that patients check with their driving insurance companies. Normally driving is allowed 3 weeks after surgery or when patients are able to do an emergency break.

More information about specific surgical procedure and post surgical care please can be found on The British Society of Urogynaecology. 

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